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Schedules of Condition

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Protect yourself

Signing onto any new Lease can be very daunting, and what happens at the end of the Lease can seem a long way off. With the increase of spurious Landlords claims for dilapidations at the end of the term, it is vital for tenants to ensure that they have suitable protection in place. To help protect against a Dilapidation Claim, a landlord or tenant can instruct JBH Property Consulting to conduct a Schedule of Condition.

A Schedule of Condition provides a comprehensive record of the condition of a property at a particular time as required. It can be instructed by a tenant or a landlord, to factually document the condition of the building at a particular moment in time, for example the commencement or cease of a lease.

Utilised in both the residential and commercial sectors, a Schedule of Condition protects the interests of the landlord or tenant by providing clarity on the condition of a property at that moment in time. If correctly referenced in a new Lease, the value of the SoC report becomes evident when used to mitigate repair obligations and/or claims for damages under dilapidations.

The 3 main areas in which the SoC protects are Leases, Construction Work & Party Wall Disputes


Lease clauses often dictate the terms of repair obligations, often during and at the end of a lease. Having a snapshot of the buildings condition will aid mitigating repair responsibilities which have the capability of becoming costly.

Construction Work

Carrying out construction work will inevitably involve risk. Limiting the risk of claims for damages is possible by utilising a Schedule of Condition. This will provide that snapshot of conditions at a crucial moment in time in order to protect from damage claims.

Party Wall Disputes

A key element to the Party Wall Act is documenting the condition of building. A Schedule of Condition will provide clarity of condition, prior to work commencing. This is an insurance of sorts, likely avoiding potential disputes from arising. Should a dispute still occur, the evidence of prior condition is at least, still documented.


JBH Property Consulting use an aerial drone to inspect roof coverings and upper levels of buildings. Our newest recruit ‘The Drone’ often used whilst performing Schedule of Condition surveys. This greatly reduces costs to Clients, as it negates the need for cherry pickers and other access equipment to view high level and roof areas.

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