Specific Defect Inspection

Our Service

Often building owners or property managers have to deal with the unexpected such as water ingress, cracking or some other defect or issue within the construction. 

Our Building Surveyors have an extensive knowledge and experience of building pathology built up over many years.  Using the latest technology we can analyse and investigate all kinds of defects and to determine the cause and necessary rectification works.

Where we require other specialised knowledge or advice to assist in our diagnosis, we can draw on our extensive network of specialists in all areas and fields.

One of the most common cause of issues are defects relating to the roof of a building.  These are often impossible to view without the use of high-level access equipment such as cherry pickers or scaffold.  To reduce costs and expediate diagnosis, we can use a remote-control aerial drone.  This allows us to inspect roofs and upper levels much easier than ever before.

We carry out Specific Defect Inspections on commercial or residential properties.

Examples of issues where a Specific Defect Inspection may be required include:

  • Water ingress
  • Damp issues
  • Cracking
  • Party Wall issues
  • Assessment of remedial work & associated costs

Please get in touch via our Contact Us page to discuss any defects you are concerned about.